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Teaching Social Media at the DATC

I'd describe the past 9 months as rewarding and exciting, since I started Social Buzzerfly. Dozens of local businesses have entrusted their social media pages to me and I've loved every second! I find that the best way to grow and develop in my career is to take on new challenges. So I accepted a temporary teaching position at the DATC to teach Basic Social Media and Advanced Social Media. My first class is in a couple days!

I have always enjoyed training businesses and watching the light bulb turn on to all the possibilities that social media provides. Over the past 6 years, I've trained hundreds of businesses albeit individually. Teaching a classroom will be a different experience and to be honest, its a bit nerve-wrecking!

The course is part of the Davis Applied Technology College (DATC) continuing education program within the Business & IT category. Find these classes starting January 31, 2017 by clicking HERE.

Thanks again to all of my AMAZING clients and all of your support!

Trish Thomason

Social Buzzerfly

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