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Are you a computer? Are you trying to reach computers? Well then STOP POSTING LIKE ONE! Show your customers that you are actually REAL LIVE person typing that post and guess what.... you will get a response! Take a real photo and post something funny, clever, REAL and then people will engage with it. They want to get to know the people BEHIND the company.

Here is an example. I add Facebook posts for this sweet and super talented business woman, Sheri. She owns & operates Twisted Bees Wax Candles and sent me an adorable photo of her dog helping out at a local Fair. Here is the post:

In just an hour, we've already reached over 15% of her followers and had 10 reactions! Thats great! and its sure to grow & grow from here because people are ENGAGING and sharing.

So, STOP POSTING LIKE A ROBOT and have a little fun every once in a while!

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